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State of virtual production report

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Dispatches On The Future Of Filmmaking

Virtual production and agile filmmaking news, trends, and analysis.
We’re filmmakers and technologists hell-bent on making our industry better.

We're on a mission to empower film crews to do amazing work—and get home in time for dinner.

Chaos and bad working conditions shouldn't be a given when telling stories for the screen.

Film & TV workers shouldn’t have to work inhumane overtime hours.

In a world where crypto bros can have their own metaverses, filmmakers should get awesome tech too.

What our team believes in:

We can add up to more than the sum of our parts.

We aspire to be a Dream Team. In other words, a team that has:

Cognitive Diversity. (We believe in “culture add,” not “culture fit.”)

Healthy Debate and gratitude for being pushed to think hard.

Intellectual Humility, because that’s how we all get better.

Freedom + Responsibility

We see the best of people, and we expect the best from ourselves.

That means showing benevolence-based trust and charity to our teammates and users.

And it means recognizing that different people work differently—and so they should be empowered to work the way they work best, without unnecessary constraints. Everything we build reflects that.

Teaching & Learning

If we had a mantra, it would just be: Be Awesome.

  • Be awesome to each other

  • Make awesome things

  • Be awesome to our clients

  • Make an awesome impact on the world

A big part of that means being willing to learn, and taking the time to share and teach what we’re learning.


And North Carolina. And New York. And Mexico City. We work from all over!